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On this page, we have included provider agreements for providers who want to participate with us in the Alabama Coordinated Health Network program as well as links to certain forms and documents from Alabama Medicaid’s site that we think you will find useful.

Quality Improvement Projects

Alabama Care Network Mid-State is focused on three specific quality improvement projects to partner on with our providers – prevention of childhood obesity, infant mortality, and substance use disorder. You can read more about those projects below.

Childhood Obesity

Alabama Care Network Mid-State is currently targeting patients age 3-19 with a BMI of 85% or greater who are also past due for their EPSDT screening. We have created a Healthy Lifestyle Challenge which includes a kit of educational materials and provides other healthy lifestyle tools to promote better outcomes and decrease childhood obesity. For the patients that complete our challenge, an additional age-appropriate incentive is mailed to them to further promote consistency with their lifestyle changes. Alabama Care Network Mid-State has also made available a healthy lifestyle video series that can be found on our website. This series is available to anyone with internet access. Finally, Alabama Care Network Mid-State has partnered with UAB Department of Nutrition to allow patients to work with a dedicated and licensed dietitian.

The Healthy Lifestyle Kit includes:

  • Educational Materials
  • Activity tracker (similar to a Fitbit)
  • Daily Healthy Lifestyle Log (includes steps, nutrition, water intake)
  • Portion Control Plate (age 3-11) /Portion Control Containers (age 12-18)
  • Exercise Bands (age 12-18)
  • Coloring Book, Crayons, and Stickers (age 3-11)

Infant Mortality

Alabama Care Network Mid-State is currently targeting women age 18-44 with a diagnosis of hypertension (HTN) to offer a HTN education and self-monitoring program to reduce risk for infant mortality and low birth weight. Women may participate if they have a diagnosis even if they are not pregnant. Participants are provided a blood pressure cuff for self-monitoring their blood pressure at home, which they can then report to their provider. Alabama Care Network Mid-State has also made available a Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby video series that can be found on our website. This series is available to anyone with internet access. Pregnant women who are enrolled in Care Coordination and watch the video series can choose one of three incentives (box of diapers, $25 gift card, or multi-route baby thermometer.) 

Alabama Care Network Mid-State will soon be incorporating a similar initiative focused on women age 18-44 with diabetes. Stay tuned for more information concerning this initiative.

The Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby Video series includes the below:

  • How to Count the Kicks
  • Count the Kicks App
  • Benefits of Breastfeeding
  • Safe Sleep for Babies
  • Family Planning

Substance Use Disorder

Alabama Care Network Mid-State is currently targeting patients with a substance use disorder (SUD) diagnosis and a new MAT prescription in the last 60 days by providing proactive Care Coordination outreach. As these patients accept services, we partner with the Crisis Center to provide a dedicated Peer Support Specialist to increase the possibility of positive outcomes. Additionally, any patient that qualifies for Alabama Care Network Mid-State’s Care Coordination program can be referred for services and receive this benefit.

Alabama Care Network Mid-State is working with Jefferson County Schools to implement the Positive Action school-based program for middle-school aged children. Course materials are evidence based and focus on the intuitive philosophy that we feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions.

Alabama Care Network Mid-State has also partnered with UAB to develop free CME modules for providers which focus on stigma in working with SUD. See the below Continuing Education section to register.  

Continuing Education

Continuing Education about the stigma associated with substance use is now available to Medicaid providers. To learn more, click the link below.

Medical Management Meetings

To be an active participant in Alabama Care Network Mid-State, a provider or provider group must regularly attend the organization’s medical management meetings. To learn more, see below.

Our Alabama Care Network Mid-State Provider Agreements
Care Coordination Referral Form

Refer a patient to Alabama Care Network Mid-State by using the online form linked below.

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