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Alabama Care Network Southeast is focused on three specific quality improvement projects to partner on with our providers – substance abuse, prevention of childhood obesity, and infant mortality. You can read more about those projects below.

On this page, we have also included provider agreements for providers who want to participate with us in the Alabama Coordinated Health Network program as well as links to certain forms and documents from Alabama Medicaid’s site that we think you will find useful.

Quality Improvement Projects

We are currently in the process of developing our Quality Improvement Projects with multiple partnering groups. We will have more information on those projects in the coming months and will include that information here when finalized.

Our Alabama Care Network Southeast Provider Agreements
Primary Care Physician (PCP) Provider Agreement Delivering Health Care Professional (DHCP) Provider Agreement
Care Coordination Referral Form

Refer a patient to Alabama Care Network Southeast by using the form linked below.
Please fax completed forms to 334-466-4609.

Care Coordination Referral Form
Useful Medicaid Links
Educational Materials – Medicaid Educational Materials – Maternity Commonly Used Medicaid Forms and Documents

Alabama Care Network Regions: Mid-State | Southeast

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Alabama Care Network does not participate in any discriminatory practices.

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You have the right to see any Alabama Medicaid primary care doctor no matter where the doctor is located. You have the right to pick any Alabama Medicaid doctor who delivers babies no matter where the doctor is located. You have the right to go to any Alabama Medicaid doctor or clinic for birth control. You do not have to use your personal doctor for birth control or any family planning services. You do not have to get approval from your personal doctor to get birth control or family planning services. You can only get care coordination services in the county where you live.